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Tripomi is a travel search and comparison start up launched by three friends. We don’t sell anything nor ask you for any personal info.  We simply help you find what you are looking for.

Our expertise entails finding the best flight, hotel and car rental deals for the money. We like to keep it simple so all you have to do is search, compare and then book directly with the provider.

These days, you often have to visit hundreds of websites in order to find a good deal so our goal is to help you save time finding the best travel products at the best prices.  

Like you, we love to travel. We’ve been all over world  (88 countries between the three of us!). 

We hope you find your next trip on Tripomi!

-Nick, James, and Emma

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"The big travel sites have too many ads and push what they want. I like that Tripomi shows you good deals and that's it."

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"I found some great deals on Tripomi. It's one of my go-to comparison sites"


"I found a great deal on a top hotel in Auckland. This hotel is normally double the price!"


What is Tripomi?

Tripomi is a travel comparison start up dedicated to helping you find and compare offers. We don’t sell anything, we simply help you search and discover great flight, hotel and car rental deals.

Are the prices shown guaranteed?

Because we do not set the prices ourselves, we are unable to guarantee the final price for offer. We do everything in our power to ensure that the information you see is accurate and up to date.

Why does the price sometimes change after I’m redirected to an accommodation provider?

We are a search engine so we do not set the prices ourselves. We update prices daily but providers may sometimes change their prices a few times during the day.

Problems after being redirected to a partner’s site

If you experience a problem when making your booking, please refresh and try again. If you click on the same offer and experience the same issue we recommend contacting the provider. We do not have access to the booking systems or websites of our providers but 

Do you have all the airline and hotel providers?

Our search engines are powered by numerous technologies making it possible for you to see the best offers at any given moment. It is possible that you are not able to find a particular flight or a hotel but we have more than 95% coverage, and focus on the BEST VALUE.  Also, be sure to use filters as we prioritise low fares.

Do you keep any personal data ?

We don’t ask, collect nor track any personal data. We only use analytics tools to track overall trends and behaviors in order to keep improving. These analytics tools like Google Analytics use cookies and are anonymous.